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: brian shull
To: Discover Your Mobility / Mary Lumpkin
Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 9:49 PM
Subject: Re: Vita S12X

Thank You very much for your help getting my new chair S12X your website is awesome it was very nice  doing  business with your team  it the best, it just what I needed, it a sweet ride it very fast it go anywhere up curbs with ez ruff roads the shocks are awesome smooth ride it got awesome power if your in wheelchair the Vita S12X is must have you might think it to expensive but it worth every penny I have been in a chair for 20 years this scooter do it all and I love the outdoors I can go anywhere now im takeing it fishing, hunting, mushroom hunting, and more this scooter is a real well made machine the seat is very comfortable everything perfect on it I would  recommend this scooter to everyone it better then a car and it takes no gas look like I wont be buying much gas now, shipping was fast I put the seat on and I was off and running great job keep up the good work 
Thanks again Brian Shull


Your Name*: Carol Fleckenstein

Your Email Address*:

Subject*: Thanks

Message*: Just a short note to thank you for my travel scooter. It has been
a tremendous help in assisting me in my ventures. I'm now able to see parks
and attractions I could not visit before due to my inability to walk
distances. I've given interested folks your card and hope they contact you.
Also, thanks for sending a replacement car charger in such a timely manner.

Again, many thanks for your efficiency and courtesy.

Carol Fleckenstein


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Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2014 1:56 PM
Subject: Web Form: Lexus light mobility scooter

> Your Name*: David G. Ellenberg
> Your Email Address*:
> Phone: 954-602-2061
> Subject*: Lexus light mobility scooter
> Message*: To Prospective purchasers of Lexus mobility Scooters:
> I had purchased a Lexus mobility Scooter due to my leg disability a year ago.
> I did encounter some problems with the scooter early on and Michael the
> owner of Discover your Mobility responded quickly to resolve my issue with
> the scooter.
> I did encounter another issue with my Lexus Light Mobility scooter at
> Thanksgiving on a trip and after contacting Michael he again responded
> quickly to resolve my issue and make me a satisfied customer of his.
> I highly recommend Micheal to anyone wanting a professional reliable
> person
> to work with not only at the time of purchase but more importantly being
> with you to help you after the sale.
> Truly yours,
> David E.

Dear Discover Your Mobility:

ďI purchased a mobility scooter from Discover Your Mobility. I had many questions and the staff at Discover Your Mobility was very courteous, professional and helpful. When I received the new scooter, it didnít work well for me because of my arthritic hands. Discover Your Mobility was super supportive in helping me find a scooter that met my needs. The process was easy with no hassle from Discover Your Mobility. In fact, the CEO, personally got involved with helping return the scooter and obtaining my new scooter in time for my upcoming foot surgery. Iím very appreciative of Discovery Mobilityís willingness to go the extra mile to meet my needs. I would highly recommend this company to any person looking to receive great customer service, excellent pricing and overall customer satisfaction.Ē

Best Regards,

Debby Fasino

Penfield, NY


You have such a wonderful program in rewarding us for spreading the word about your product! I am approached by someone, wanting to know where I got my scooter, EVERY time I am using it! I am always equipped with the referral coupons that you provide. I am happy to spread the word about how the scooter has been a Godsend to me and that it can be for everyone that purchases one of their own. Truly, I don't usually have enough time to say enough good things about it. Thank for giving me back more independence and the opportunity to be included more in every day occasions AND for making it possible for me NOT to have to miss out on so much in life...there is a lot of life to live and I want to live it! Thanks again!
Debbie Kelly 


Hi Mike

I just wanted to tell you about how satisfied I am with the lift I purchased from your firm. I appreciate the fact that that you talked to my son about the installation and what to be concerned about . He had no trouble mounting it and the job was just as I envisioned it The lift was much better quality than a ceiling lift I had installed in my bath recently by another company and the whole experience was much less frustrating and costly for me. Thank you for a good job.

Frank Fialkowski



Both Mary at x302 and Michael at x301 were extremely helpful this week.  I just received an email from UPS that a label was created.  I am quite excited to receive my Lexis Light next week.  They both answered all my questions and added information to make sure I knew what to expect.  They are two of the best Customer Service people I have ever dealt with.
Marvin Feil

69-75 Sparta Ave. - Apt. 112

Newton, NJ 07860



My name is Michael Woods, and I am the CEO of Discover My Mobility. Writing a statement of purpose summary for one's company is no easy task because goals and intentions are often the end products of numerous personal experiences. Our experiences are usually influenced by myriad factors, but through it all--the one great consistency that has guided me is a powerful desire to help the person reading these words, and especially if that person is disabled. The reasons will become clear.  


I grew up outside of Detroit, Michigan, and was a married parent by the age of 18. There was no time to finish high school, let alone attend college, but I was determined to succeed. With a family came the urgent need to make a living, though I had worked hard since age 16 as a subcontractor for Capital Carpet Cleaning. In addition, I began buying and repairing distressed homes at 17, and slowly acquired a number of properties. The rent and sales from this real estate plus job income provided for my growing family, which increased to two daughters by age 20. I worked very hard at both my occupations for the next eleven years, and the long hours and effort were worth it. I was promoted by Capital Carpet to Assistant Manager and then Manager. My property portfolio also grew and by 1994 I was able to buy Capital Carpet outright. By all measures, I was well on the way to becoming a very successful business man.     


My life changed in a jolting way in 1996. I was involved in a devastating motorcycle accident that left me a quadriplegic. It was touch and go for several weeks in terms of survival, and I spent a total of ten months in the hospital. Every day was a struggle, and things I once took for granted became Herculean tasks (e.g., bathing, dressing, going to the bathroom, etc.). Yes, I was blessed to have survived, but my life was forever changed. It was during this time that a new life-goal slowly emerged. It was clear I could not return to the carpet cleaning industry, so I franchised Capital Carpet. In fact, we sold over one hundred franchises in total. But more importantly, I began a durable medical equipment company called MMI Mobility. The reason is that I felt compelled to help other disabled people regain their mobility. I knew all too well from personal experience what it was like to be bound in place, and I sought to provide people like myself with the means needed to lead full and productive lives.


It was very slow going at first, but I poured me heart and soul into the new company. I sold the carpet cleaning business in order to devote more funds to MMI Mobility, and the company soon began growing exponentially. I had truly found something meaningful that I loved doing. Furthermore, I could make a respectable living while also helping my fellow disabled people. It was the best of all worlds. We specialized in delivering the highest quality mobility products at the absolute lowest prices possible. People from far and wide responded positively to what we were doing. In fact, our efforts soon drew national attention, including a piece on the Morey Povich show. By 2008 the company was doing over thirteen million dollarís a year in sales. We employed 16 people full time, and contracted out work to dozens of others.


Then came the Great Financial Collapse of 2008. I responded by making some poor business decisions, part of which may have been due to my lack of a formal business education. Traditionally, my answer to financial difficulties was to work harder, advertise more, and pump as much money as I could muster into my business. I was reluctant to lay off workers, cut back on quality, or provide less services. I did not grasp that there was a systemic collapse going on, the end result of very high-level greed by financiers mixed with myopic irresponsibility. I increased my work hours to 14 per day and put in seven days a week. I sold several homes to keep the company afloat and even borrowed hundreds of thousands of dollars from banks. My health was declining at the same time as my company's, and then, in 2009, the Discover credit card company decided to "protect itself" by unexpectedly withdrawing over $80,000 from my company's trust account. These were our customers' funds that had been paid in advance for products, and their abrupt withdrawal had a profoundly negative effect on our balance sheet.


We were in the worst possible situation. We could not fill existing orders, let alone reimburse our customers. I blame myself for this. I should have foreseen that the credit card companies were going to react to the ongoing financial collapse by "contracting" credit. There was simply no where left for a small company like mine to go. Unlike the big banks and their credit card companies, we were not too big to let fail. Still, I tried to keep MMI Mobility going, although orders were frequently delayed and rebates were painfully slow. At long last we got the backlog down to just a few orders, but there were simply no resources left and nothing we could do. Worst of all, we had let down some of the very people we were there to serve, the disabled. In the end, everyone we owed money to was remunerated, although I suffered the consequences of MMI Mobility' failure. To be sure, I have paid in more ways than one can imagine.


However, it is not in my nature to give up, which is a trait that all disabled people have to live by. We cannot simply fold our tents and quit. We get knocked down, and we get back up. The biggest things that stops people from overcoming adversity is allowing fear, doubt, and despair to become our masters. If we persevere, we learn and then apply our life lessons to the future. Out of the ashes of MMI Mobility arose Discover My Mobility, a company that is guided by both passion and sound economic policies. I have learned that cash flow is everything in running a business like this. Furthermore, keeping independent accounts and low debt levels is integral to success. One must also have complete control of all financial resources in order to give customers optimal service. These were painful and brutal lessons, but Discover My Mobility was forged from these notions.


We are guided by just one purpose: We serve the disabled. It is that simple. And to that end, we subordinate all else. For example, I was made aware of a scooter that had failed a customer. In this case, the connection between the tiller and the front wheels literally fell apart. My reaction was to replace the defective product with a new unit of higher quality and to suspend sales of the failed product until the problem could be fully investigated and rectified. In effect, we prioritized present and future customer welfare. This outcome was the result of adhering to our purpose, and to that end we will always be true. That is what Discover My Mobility is all about. This company is based on many hard-learned lessons, and we look forward to putting this knowledge and experience to work in helping you. That is our purpose, our raison d'Ítre.  



Discover My Mobility